Timeline Board

By admin, August 10, 2014

For specific timebound events, such as conferences or moving where there is a critical realisation date, it can be a good idea to visualise all the work that needs to be done as it relates to time.

The timeline board does this by highlighting time as it goes from left to right and putting a visual cue where the current date is.

Time doesn’t have to be evenly spread, in fact, it is common that time is exponentially scaling both ways from the event date.

As items get done they simply get crossed off, that way you can see how far behind you may be on critical items.

Items ahead of the current date should be done in the order in which they next come.

When planning this type of board the date that the card goes into should be the optimal date that it would need to be started. If the optimal date of realisation is different from the start date then that should be added to the card.

Submitted by: @AgileRenee

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