Hotspot Board

February 15, 2015

Used to highlight inventory waste being stockpiled, the hotspot board changes the flow positioning of elements on the board so that the centre area is high focus. With the centre highlighted in red, all “Ready for” columns return to this midzone. Team members should watch this midzone for too much work being built up and […]


Twister Board

February 15, 2015

An extension on the Hotspot Board, the Twister board limits work in progress in the hotspot zone and in the other areas of the board by adding in circles for each kanban. If you had a WIP limit for a column of three you would have one green kanban, one yellow or orange kanban and […]


Logo Portfolio Management

August 10, 2014

If you have a lot of work going on in your portfolio, using lego can be a great way to consolidate the information, highlight risk and have fun at the same time. When using a lego portfolio board you can: use duplo height to represent the value of the project use duplo colour to represent […]


Timeline Board

August 10, 2014

For specific timebound events, such as conferences or moving where there is a critical realisation date, it can be a good idea to visualise all the work that needs to be done as it relates to time. The timeline board does this by highlighting time as it goes from left to right and putting a […]


Value Tree

August 10, 2014

A special type of backlog, the Value Tree visualises the backlog with respect to dependencies and sequencing. Read from the bottom up, upper levels of cards require the lower levels to be done first before they can be started. Where cards form a branch then you read the dependency going out from the trunk, where […]