Make pimping your board easy with some of our already done templates!

Confidence Sliders

Used by teams to rate how confident they are about achieving their goals against constraints. The simplest way to use this template is to print it off in colour, laminate it and put some tokens or blu-tak into each column at the top. On a regular basis, for example, halfway through a Sprint, ask the team to update where they feel the tokens should sit. The team should feel comfortable to update the confidence slider at any point in time when circumstances change. This template can be adapted to add or remove items that may be more relevant to your needs, for example, confidence of meeting sprint goals.

Template: ConfidenceSliders (excel)



Slow moving work? Need to indicate blockers? Want some re-usable bits like a Leave Calendar, a Niko Niko Chart or an Environment Availability Traffic Light? Then take a look at our printer ready set of Visual Management tokens, charts and radiators.

Template: Visual Management Tokens (powerpoint)

Visual Management Tokens