Client Niko Chart

By admin, August 10, 2014

Similar to the team’s own Niko-niko chart, this visual is useful in circumstances where you are supporting a number of clients at the same time and need to balance their needs and issues equally.

This is a commercially non-sensitive example, but the essence is clear:

  1. Clients are listed in the first column
  2. Their current happiness level is represented in the second column
  3. If they are not happy then the third column focuses on who is trying to resolve their issues;
  4. And the forth column highlights the action that is in place to rectify it

Other columns may be added to indicate the weight or significance of a customer, for example, if a customer is more valuable or provides more revenue to the company/team then you may want to give them a rank out of ten to indicate their weight (the higher the number, the greater the value).

This provides management with visibility at any point in time of potential risks and issues that they may get phone calls about if escalation occurs.

Submitted by: @AgileRenee

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