Personal Development Plan

By admin, August 10, 2014

Why would you even think about visualising your own Personal Development Plan? A: So that others around you are aware of the opportunities that you seek to grow.

All too often personal development plans are kept hidden with leaders being responsible for finding opportunities that will give you the growth you need. By visualising where you are and where you want to go it enables an environment where we can support each other in our growth.

In essence, it celebrates a learning culture and appreciates that as per the 70/20/10 principle most of the learning we do is on the job (70%).

Place your personal development plan in a well trafficed area for your team along with everyone elses and watch everyone soar.

It really isn’t about arguing whether someone really is at a level or not, it is about the journey that they want to take going forward.

Submitted by: @AgileRenee

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